I am a contemporary art historian based in Paris. My primary research focus lies at the intersection of art and economics. I am interested in the economics of art and its market, with an emphasis on the economic knowledge and practices of artists themselves. I study the way economists mobilize images, as well as the creative and critical view that artists provide of the economy of their time.

Main research interests

  • Art of the 19th – 21st century (especially 1950s-1980s)
  • Economic themes in contemporary art ; economic and financial approaches to art ; notion of value in art
  • Visual culture of economics; collaborations between economists and artists
  • Transatlantic exchanges and cartographic approaches to art history
  • Interdisciplinary methodology; history and epistemology of social sciences and humanities


Sophie Cras

Maître de conferences en Histoire de l’art contemproain

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne